Welcome to our beautiful and well presented venue


We provide a wide range of facilities including

A large hall with a stunning arched roof which can seat up to 120 people (150people standing). The hall contains a stage and a grand piano. (21m * 11m)


A smaller hall which can accommodate about 40 people with wooden flooring. (8.5m * 5.5m)

Business Facilities

Our meeting room facility is designed with a calm ambience for sessions/reunions/talks/meetings of approximately 15 people. (5.5m*4.5m)

Modern Catering Facilities

The new modern kitchen is designed with an opening hatch to the main hall. (3.2m*3m)

About US

A Unique Venue in North London
Beautiful Venue For Beautiful Occasions

Welcome to our beautiful and well presented venue located few minutes away from New Barnet train station in the North London Borough of Barnet. Our mission is to make your event experience within our venue a positive and memorable one. Our values lay around our attention to details and efforts to ensure that every event is as perfect as possible and to make sure that every occasion leaves a long-lasting positive impression to each of our client.

  • Weddings

    • Receptions • Engagements • Bridal Celebrations

  • Family events

    • Birthday parties, • Baby showers

  • Business Events

    • Seminars • Business meetings • Team building sessions • Assemblies • Product launches

  • Other events

    • Private parties • Photo shoots • Art exhibitions • Theatre/Drama Sessions • Rehearsals • Workshops • Concerts • Acting sessions • Talent shows • Dance / Sports Events • Ballet rehearsals • Educational, GCSE, A-Levels exams settings

Our Team

Meet our wonderful team
Event Manager
Irina will support your event and will endeavour to make it a successful and a truly unforgettable experience. Irina will be on-site, with support (other personnel), during your event to ensure it is going smoothly, according to plans and to our contractual agreement.
Letting Manager
Luda will be your initial contact and is responsible for all financial aspects. Her work also consists in receiving order, negotiating your contract, securing your time-slot and discussing/agreeing some of your event expectations.
Safety and Health Practitioner
with more than 20 years experience in the business of health, safety and wellbeing. He is a volunteer, supporting our venture.
Safety And Security Officer
With more than 30 years experience in various businesses, Riki has a hands-on approach to any possible problems. He will maintain safety and security.


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